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linux deepin 12.06

Linux Deepin is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that comes with a highly customized GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment and with some applications that aren't available in other Linux distributions.

Linux Deepin 12.06 has been released, the new version being based on Ubuntu 12.04, and it includes some new default applications created especially for it, along with an updated GNOME Shell look and many other changes.

Linux Deepin 12.06 video

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GNOME Shell setup

Like the previous release, Linux Deepin 12.06 uses a panel on top with a taskbar that comes with window previews and an activities button on the left that opens the Activities Overview, where the workspaces are displayed on the left (and no Dash):

linux deepin 12.06

In the latest Linux Deepin 12.06, there are 3 new GNOME Shell extensions installed by default: Hide Message Tray, Kimpanel extension (lets you search Gnome Shell for applications, files or contacts) and Panel Settings Extension. The last one lets you move the panel on the bottom and/or set it to autohide.

Further more, Linux Deepin 12.06 doesn't uses the default GNOME Shell notifications but Ubuntu's NotifyOSD:

linux deepin 12.06

New default applications

Deepin Music Player is a new, default music player especially created for Linux Deepin. It uses the same UI as Deepin Software Center, supports skins and comes with two display modes that can be toggled from the titlebar:

linux deepin music player

linux deepin music player

Among its features are: playlists support, equalizer, automatic album cover download, multi-engine lyrics search, global hotkeys, tray icon and more.

Deepin Music Player isn't the only new default application. There's also Deepin Media Player, a Mplayer2 front-end which uses the same look as the music player and Deepin Software Center:

deepin media player

The new default media player supports displaying previews when placing cursor on progress bar (like Audience), automatic subtitle download, taking screenshots, online playback and can play most audio and video formats. The application was a bit buggy in my tests: when playing a video, I was unable to access the menu because it was displayed behind the video.

Deepin Software Center (which supports installing, removing and upgrading software from the same user interface, unlike Ubuntu Software Center for instance) hasn't changed in Linux Deepin 12.06, but a new version will be available with the release of Linux Deepin 12.06.1.

linux deepin software center

linux deepin software center

Other default applications include: Shotwell, Firefox, Empathy, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Brasero, GNOME Tweak Tool as well as Deepin Software Center, Deepin Scrot (screenshot tool) and more.

There are many other minor changes and improvements under the hood, like built-in VirtualBox guest support, read/write exFAT support, more integrated hardware drivers, a WUBI version that lets you install Linux Deepin in Windows, a new default GTK theme and more.