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Deepin scrot

Deepin Scrot is a lightweight screenshot tool used in Linux Deepin that lets you add text, arrows and drawing onto the screenshot.

Deepin Scrot features:
  • delayed screenshots
  • window recognition (it didn't work too great in my test under Ubuntu 12.04 though)
  • take screenshot of a selected area
  • draw rectangle, elipse, arrow, line or text onto the screen before taking the actual screenshot
  • save screenshot to file or clipboard

To use Deepin Scrot, you must either launch it from the command line ("deepin-scrot") or assign a keyboard shortcut for it: open System Settings (GNOME Control Center), go to Keyboard > Shortcuts and under Custom Shortcuts, click the "+" sign, enter "Deepin Scrot" for the name and "deepin-scrot" for the command, click "Apply" and then assign a keyboard shortcut for it, like CTRL + ALT + A (you can use any keyboard shortcut you want, but make sure it's not already in use).

Instead of "deepin-scrot", which starts the Deepin Scrot area selection, you can launch it with some parameters that let you directly take a fullscreen shot ("deepin-scrot -f"), capture the currently focused window ("deepin-scrot -w") or start it with a delay ("deepin-scrot -d NUM").

Download Deepin Scrot

Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc: Download Deepin Scrot .deb (should work on Ubuntu 11.04+)

Arch Linux: Get Deepin Scrot via AUR.

For other Linux distributions: get the Deepin Scrot source via GitHub.