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uefa euro 2012 logo

UEFA Euro 2012, which takes places in Poland and Ukraine, has started for a few days and if for whatever reason you can't watch it on TV, here are a couple of ways to watch Euro 2012 online, under Linux.

1. SopCast:

SopCast Player and TV Maxe are probably the best way to watch UEFA Euro 2012 online under Linux. For how to install these applications, see THIS post.

SopCast Player is also available for Android. so you can watch Euro 2012 live on your mobile device too.

In case you're not familiar with SopCast, this is a P2P protocol that allows playing various TV channels for free, online. Both TV Maxe and SopCast Player (SopCast front-ends) come with some sports channels which cover Euro 2012, but you can add more channels - simply search Google for the channel you want to watch and add the SopCast address to one of these 2 players.

For instance, if you use TV Maxe, load the Romanian list and watch Euro 2012 on "TVR 1" and "Dolce Sport" (or "Dolce Sport HD") TV channels.

2. http://live.euro2012.tvrinfo.ro/

Another place to watch the Euro 2012 online under Linux is http://live.euro2012.tvrinfo.ro/ - the only browser plugin required is Adobe Flash. Update: this link may only work in Romania, but you can find more links in the comments!

If you know other ways of watching UEFA Euro 2012 online that works on Linux, let us know in the comments!