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Sopcast player Android

Sopcast Player, the P2P streaming application that allows you to watch various TV channels online, is now available for Android, allowing you to watch TV on your Android smartphone or tablet.

SopCast for Android is currently in beta and doesn't support all the features the desktop application does; for instance, you can't edit the server list. But the default TV channel list is pretty ok for most people.

SopCast for Android lets you see the defaultTV channel list and play any TV channel available in the list, log in using your account or anonymously, change the aspect ratio and that's about it.

In my test, the application worked great on my old HTC Desire HD running Android 2.3.5. Unfortunately I couldn't test it on newer Android devices but according to it's description, it should work on any device running Android 2.2+.

Main SopCast for Android features according to its official webpage:
  • Powered by latest SopCast P2P engine, supports all SopCast P2P channel types.
  • Play local videos (supports most audio and video file types)
  • Low CPU usage
  • Memory buffering
  • Update: SopCast for Android now supports entering custom SopCast URLs and recording streams.

Download SopCast for Android

SopCast for Android is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download the .apk from one of the links below:
Sopcast android qr code

To install SopCast Player (there are 2 SopCast applications available: TV Maxe and SopCast Player) in Ubuntu, see this post: Install SopCast Player In Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

* the download is very slow right now using the official download link so I've added an alternate download link.

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