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A few days ago, we wrote about setting up window dodge for maximized windows in Ubuntu 12.04 but if you want the real dodge windows behaviour for the Unity launcher, here's another script that does this.

The new script doesn't just hide the launcher when a window is maximized but also hides it if a window is under it, just like it was until Ubuntu 12.04. Update: when using window dodge though, the icons will shift to the left when the launcher autohides, unfortunately, no work-around for this has been found yet.

Here's a short video demoing the new real window dodge script for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin:

Please note that you can't have both the old maximized windows dodge script and the new real window dodge script running in the same time. So for example, to install window dodge for maximized windows ("unity-dodge-maximized-windows"), remove "unity-dodge-windows" firstly.

Get the scripts (.deb - only for Ubuntu 12.04):
  • Download real window dodge behaviour for the Unity Launcher
  • Download window dodge behaviour for maximized windows

Once installed, log out and log back in.

To disable it, remove the package:

- for Unity Dodge Windows:
sudo apt-get remove unity-dodge-windows

- for Unity Dodge Maximized Windows:
sudo apt-get remove unity-dodge-maximized-windows

After removing it, remember to log out again.

Update: for a patched Unity which adds the exact same "Dodge windows" like in Ubuntu 11.10, see: How To Get Dodge Windows And Minimize On Click For Unity In Ubuntu 12.04

Thanks to Jorge for the debs and tip!