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As you probably know, the window dodge Unity launcher autohide behaviour has been removed from Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. Unfortunately, it seems this feature won't make it back into Unity, but thanks to a work-around by WebUpd8 reader Jorge, you can get the dodge windows feature back. Well, almost.

I've said "almost" because it's not identical to the old window dodge behaviour: in Ubuntu 11.10, when setting the Launcher autohide behaviour to "dodge windows", the launcher would hide for both maximized and unmaximized windows. The work-around created by Jorge triggers the launcher autohide only for maximized windows (meaning the Unity launcher dodges/hides only for maximized windows and is always visible when there are no maximized windows). But that's a nice thing to have too, or at least that's what over 100 people who have selected "This bug affects me" think.

To get Unity launcher dodge windows behaviour for maximized windows in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, you can either download THIS script, install "wmctrl" and add the script to startup or simply download and install THIS .deb which will do everything automatically. Once installed, run the following command in a terminal:
Or log out and log back in.
If you don't want to use dodge windows for the Unity launcher, simply remove the installed package:
sudo apt-get remove unity-dodge-windows

Download Unity Launcher dodge windows work-around: deb | script

Update: if you want the real dodge windows behavior which makes the launcher hide when for both maximized windows and unmaximized windows that are under it, see: Real Window Dodge Unity Launcher Bahaviour For Ubuntu 12.04

Update 2: for a patched Unity which adds the exact same "Dodge windows" like in Ubuntu 11.10, see: How To Get Dodge Windows And Minimize On Click For Unity In Ubuntu 12.04

Thanks to Jorge for the tip! Window dodge script credits: Ubuntuforums (script modified by Jorge).