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A while back, Canonical announced that it will no longer fund Kubuntu, the KDE Ubuntu flavor, thus making it a community-only Ubuntu flavor. But there is some good news for Kubuntu users: Blue Systems will start sponsoring Kubuntu starting with version 12.10 for which the development cycle starts in May.

Our sponsor since it started has been Canonical who are now moving to focus on their Unity flavour. We would like to thank Canonical for this kind support and wish the best success for the Unity flavour (also called Ubuntu).

According to H-Online, Jonathan Riddell, the main Kubuntu developer, has confirmed that he will now continue with Blue Systems as his full-time job, so he'll be leaving Canonical after the next Ubuntu Developer Summit.

Blue Systems isn't new to KDE, and it already sponsors projects such as Linux Mint KDE, Netrunner, Folderview, Muon Software Center, Kde MenuEditor and more.