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Conky HTC

Conky-HTC is a really cool Conky configuration inspired by the HTC weather / clock widget. It displays nice weather icons along with a 7-day weather forecast which can be configured to use either metric or imperial units.

Setting up Conky-HTC is not hard, but it requires quite a few steps and because some of them weren't specified in the Conky-HTC readme, here is everything you need to do to get it working:

1. Install Conky:
sudo apt-get install conky

2. To be able to use Conky-HTC, you'll also need Conky Forecast which you can download below:

.deb | .tar.gz

3. Download Conky-HTC and extract it. In the newly extracted folder, press CTRL + H to be able to see all hidden files and copy all hidden files and folders (.fonts, .images, .conkyForecast.config, .conkyrc, .conky_start and .vreme.template) to your home directory. Make sure you've copied all these files!

4. Now we need to configure Conky-HTC:

a) Run the following command in a terminal:
gedit ~/.conkyForecast.config

And if you don't want to use "PT-br" as the language, replace it with "en".

In the same file you can change the date format as well as the unit (metric by default). To change from metric to imperial, at the end of the last line, where it says "unit=m", replace "m" with "i".

Please note that there's no need to change the XOAP parameters in from this file - just leave them as they are.

Now you can save the file.

b) Configuring the weather: visit http://www.weather.com and search for your location ("country, city"). After visiting your location page, your area code should be displayed ad the end of the URL. Here's an example:

Copy the code (ROXX0003 in my example above - but make sure you use your code). Now run the following command in a terminal:
gedit ~/.conkyrc

And replace all "BRXX0232" occurrences with your area code (you can select "Replace" in Gedit and replace all with a click) which you've copied in the step above.

- Conky HTC is a bit too close to the top panel, so to move it a bit, in the same .conkyrc file, replace "gap_y 10" with "gap_y 40".

- And finally, in the same file there's also a small bug for those who want to use Conky HTC in English: on line 52, there is some code that looks like this: "${time %e} de ${time %B} de ${time %G}" - remove both "de" words to fix it.

Now you can save the file.

5. Now you can start Conky by running the following command:

6. To add Conky HTC to startup, open "Startup Applications", click "Add", under "Name" enter "Conky HTC" and for the command, select "Browse", hit CTRL + H to see hidden files and select the ".conky_start.sh" file from your home directory.

Download Conky-HTC

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