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Fuduntu 14.10

Fuduntu is a heavily optimized Fedora 14 remix (based on GNOME 2.3x).

Fuduntu 14.10 has been released a couple of days ago and it includes Linux kernel, Adobe Flash 10.3, Chromium 12, Shotwell 0.10.1 and more.

Changes since the previous Fuduntu stable release:
  • EXT4 is now the default filesystem
  • Support for nVidia (akmod-nvidia), and ATI proprietary drivers
  • A tool to customize the installation (select which packages will be installed)
  • Updated theme and wallpapers
  • Tweaks to improve Flash performance
  • Bug fixes

There are also some new default applications (for new users): Chromium 12, Google Mail (web mail used as default mail "client"), Empathy, Google Docs (instead of LibreOffice), Banshee, VLC. But all of these can be changed through the new customization tool:


We've already covered Fuduntu 14.10 RC so check out that post for more info. Since the release candidate, there are only updated packages and some bug fixes so if you've installed the RC and updated normally, you already have the final Fuduntu 14.10 release.

Download Fuduntu 14.10 | Official Fuduntu 14.10 release announcement