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Fuduntu 14.10 RC

Fuduntu, despite its name, is a serious Fedora 14 remix, heavily optimized and without too much bling-bling. For more info, check out our previous posts on Fuduntu.

Fuduntu 14.10 RC has been released today. This release includes Linux kernel 2.6.39, Adobe Flash 10.3 (including tweaks to improve Flash performance), ATI and Nvidia proprietary drivers support, EXT4 as the default filesystem as well as some minor tweaks.

Fuduntu custom installation

What I find very interesting in the latest Fuduntu 14.10 RC is a new installation customization tool. You can find this new tool under System > Preferences > Customize your Installation and using it, you can select from the following packages:
  • Firefox, Chromium or Midori for the default browser
  • Thunderbird, Evolution, Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Hotmail for the default email (note: selecting a web mail service, you must select Chromium as default browser)
  • IM client: Pidgin or Empathy
  • Office suite: Google Docs, GNOME Office, OpenOffice
  • Rhythmbox or Banshee for the default music player
  • VLC, SMPlayer or VLC as default video player
  • An option to install proprietary Nvidia or ATI graphics drivers (missing in the screenshot because I've tested it in VirtualBox)

For the above packages you can also select: "none" if you don't plan on using a certain type of application. You can also select the preferred set of optimizations: for laptop / netbook or desktop, install Windows compatibility packages (Wine) and so on. Without using the installation customization tool, Fuduntu will install Chromium 11, Google Mail, Empaty, Google Docs, Banshee and VLC by default. Download Fuduntu 14.10 release candidate | Check out the official Fuduntu 14.10 RC announcement