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Oxymentary - Oxygen icons in GNOME
(Nautilus running in Ubuntu 11.04 / Orta theme and Oxymentary icons)

Oxymentary is an Oxygen (KDE) icon pack for GNOME. The theme doesn't come with application icons (well, not with Gnome application icons anyway) but it has most of the icons for actions, emblems, mimetypes and so on. And when an icon doesn't exist in Oxymentary, it falls back to Elementary icon theme (if installed). There is still a lot of work to do, but this is the first release so be gentle :-)

Oxymentary also comes with a monochrome version (so you'll get monochrome icons for the panel). However, the monochrome version is only available for light panels.

To use Oxymentary, download both archives and install them the usual way (drag and drop the archives over the Appearence Preferences "Theme" tab or extract them to /usr/share/icons/), then from Appearence Preferences dialog select "Customize" and select Oxymentary or Oxymentary-Monochrome.

Download Oxymentary (Oxygen Icons for GNOME)

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