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KDE Gnome
(Dolphin running in Gnome)

Getting KDE applications to look native in Gnome is rather easy (contrary to what you may think when looking at the lenghty instructions below - it's actually just a few clicks) thanks to an Ambiance KDE style created by WebUpd8 reader Alaukik. This means that while the instructions below work with any GTK theme, you'll need a KDE style similar to the one created by Alaukik for your current GTK theme to get everything looking properly.

Get KDE apps to look native in GNOME (Ambiance style)

1. Install systemsettings:

sudo apt-get install systemsettings

2. You need a KDE style to match your GTK theme. For Ambiance, download it from HERE (you'll need an Ubuntuforums account to download it) and extract it.

3. Go to System > Preferences > System Settings, on the "Application Appearance" and do the following:

- On the "Style" tab, under "Widget style" select "GTK+":


- On the "Colors" tab, select "Import Scheme" and browse for the Ambiance KDE style you've downloaded in step 2:


- On the "Icons" tab, select "Humanity":


- On the "Fonts" tab, select you need to select Ubuntu 11 (or whatever size you use on your desktop) for all except the fixed width font. You can mass-select the Ubuntu font for all by clicking the "Adjust All Fonts" button:


- For a complete matching font, on the same tab select "Enabled" under "use anti-aliasing", then click "Configure and select "Use sub-pixel rendering" and for "Hinting style", select "Slight":


Please note that the font hinting will only be applied to newly opened applications.

Thanks to alaukik for the tip! Via Ubuntuforums