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It's time for some more easy to install themes via the WebUpd8 Themes PPA repository, available for Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10 and 10.04 users (GNOME 2)!

The WebUpd8 Themes Repository provides themes that are not available in other repositories / PPAs such as Minty Freshness, Bluebird many Faenza icon theme variations, etc.

With today's update I've added the following themes: Zukitwo (with 3 variants: Zukitwo, Zukitwo Dark and Zukitwo Resonance and an Emerald theme), Wave GTK and Emerald themes, Hope GTK theme, and Clearlooks Revamp GTK theme. I've also updated the Mint-X icon theme with the latest version from Linux Mint 11 and Victory (Strikes Again) GTK theme (this one comes with 5 variations: regular, Dark, Light, Light V2 and Light v2 borderless - because I was too lazy to package this in 5 different debs, I've only made one which installs all of them).

All the themes were added based on your suggestions. Want more themes? Let me know in the comments (but also take a look at the license to make sure I can upload it to the PPA).

Here are some screenshots featuring the new themes available in the WebUpd8 Themes PPA:

Victory Light v2 borderless
(Victory Light v2 Borderless)

Victory is a highly customizable GTK theme so ignore the colors in my screenshot. You can use whatever colors you want with Victory.

Victory (Strikes Again) homepage.

Hope GTK theme
(Hope GTK theme)

Hope GTK theme homepage

Clearlooks Revamp GTK theme
(Clearlooks Revamp GTK theme)

Clearlooks Revamp homepage.

Wave GTK theme
(Wave GTK theme)

Wave GTK theme homepage

Zukitwo Dark
(Zukitwo Dark - one of the 3 Zukitwo themes)

Because Zukitwo requires you use a panel background and you can't do that in Unity like with the regular GNOME panel (well you can do it by editing the theme files if you want but can't right click the panel to set a background), you'll have to tweak the panel opacity through CompizConfig Settings Manager.

Zukitwo homepage.


To be able to install the themes, add the WebUpd8 Themes PPA using the command below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/themes
sudo apt-get update

(If you've previously added the WebUpd8 Themes PPA, make sure you run "sudo apt-get update" to be able to install the new themes)

Then, install the themes using the commands below:

Victory (Strikes Again):
sudo apt-get install victory-gtk-theme

sudo apt-get install hope-gtk-theme

Clearlooks Revamp:
sudo apt-get install clearlooks-revamp-gtk-theme

sudo apt-get install wave-gtk-theme

Zukitwo: for this theme, I've packaged each variation separately so:

- Zukitwo: sudo apt-get install zukitwo-gtk-theme
- Zukitwo Dark: sudo apt-get install zukitwo-dark-gtk-theme
- Zukitwo Resonance: sudo apt-get install zukitwo-resonance-gtk-theme
- Zukitwo Emerald theme: zukitwo-emerald-decorators

You can also install all the Zukitwo themes using the command below:
sudo apt-get install zukitwo-theme-all

For those who like changing the themes very frequently and want to install a lot of themes at once, I've also created two meta packages: one metapackage that will install all GTK and Emerald themes and another one that will install all the WebUpd8 Themes PPA icon themes. But make sure you have a good Internet connection because you'll have a lot of packages to download (the icon themes are quite big!)!

So, to install all the GTK + Emerald themes in the WebUpd8 Themes PPA:
sudo apt-get install webupd8-themes-all

To install all the icon themes:
sudo apt-get install webupd8-icon-themes-all

Also see:

Theme credits: their respective owners. I've only packaged the themes.