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Light Themes borderless
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Remember Borderless Elementary? It was quite a success and I'm not sure if that's where the Ubuntu devs got the idea from, but an update today in Ubuntu 11.04 removes the borders for the Ubuntu "Light" themes: Ambiance and Radiance, writes Neil Patel on his blog.

You can still easily resize the windows thanks to invisible window borders and state-dependant shadows and some theme tweaks:

Remember this is purely visual, there is still a nice big hit areas on the left, right and bottom edges for you to resize the window with, you just can't see them

Here is an image to understand the different between the old Light Themes and Borderless Light Themes:

Borderless Light Themes
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So what else will Ubuntu remove next (don't get me wrong, most of these are a good thing)? For now, Ubuntu 11.04 will remove: the menus (available on the top panel and using autohide), the scrollbars (overlay scrollbars), the notification area and now the window borders.

Update (March 12th): well, that was quick. The Ubuntu Light themes have a border again after just a few hours due to an update requested by Mark Shuttleworth.

Update 2 (March 13th): in a new comment on the same bug report (see link above), Mark Shuttlewroth seems to have changed his mind so the Light Themes will probably be updated to "borderless" again:

Oh alright, let's fix the issues for Unity-2D and get the 0px theme looking stunning for release ;-)


Screenshot credits: Neil Patel