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Ubuntu 11.04 lacks a way to manage multiple workspaces. Sure, there is a workspace switcher, but no easy way to add or delete workspaces and doing this from CCSM is not easy to find and it can't be used to add/remove workspaces on the fly.

A while back, there was a very interesting mockup that was rejected for Unity but something similar was then added in Gnome Shell. But maybe something simpler has a better chance.

WebUpd8 reader Georgi came up with a very simple way of adding or removing workspaces which you can see below (this is just a mockup!):

Multiple workspaces mockup Unity

Update Here's another Firefox 4 "Panorama" like workspace manager mockup created by BigRZA @ DeviantArt (thanks to arzali for the tip!):

Panorama workspace manager mockup

Workspaces are a powerful tool and Gnome Shell acknowledged this from the beginning (even if you don't like Gnome Shell, I'm sure most will agree that the way it handles multiple workspace is very intuitive and easy to use). Maybe it's time for Unity to do the same?

What do you think?

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Thanks to Georgi for the tip!