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TeamViewer is an application for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer between computers. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (even though it comes in a .deb or .rpm, it uses Wine which comes bundled with it).

The most interesting feature in the latest TeamViewer 6 is that it allows you to connect to your computer via an Android device. For this, you'll need the Android TeamViewer client installed on the mobile phone as well as the latest TweamViewer 6 installed on your computer. The Android version of TeamViewer is not available on the Android Market so you'll have to get it via TeamViewer downloads page (under "mobile"). Please note that the Android application is still in beta so you might find bugs. I didn't encounter any major bugs while testing but I've only used it for a couple of minutes.

TeamViewer 6 android

Some info on the usage is displayed the first time you start the Android version: drag one finger to move the mouse pointer, perform single-finger taps for clicks, two-finger taps for right clicks and so on.

Other new features in TeamViewer 6 include:
  • improved QuickSupport - as soon as your customer starts QuickSupport, it appears in your partner list, and you can reach it directly with a single click – without having to exchange an ID and password via telephone or e-mail
  • a new QuickJoin feature - the participants now connect with you via the application and not the other way around. This saves you from entering the data of every single one of your participants. As the presenter, you also determine the time at which the participants can see your application windows, even if they have already established a connection
  • Optimized performance
  • A full list of changes can be found HERE.

Download TeamViewer 6 (Free for non-commercial users).

Thanks to linuxundich for the heads up on TeamViewer 6.