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djl main gui

Djl is an open-source (GPL licensed) game manager written in Python 2.5 for the GNU/Linux Operating Systems, inspired by Valve's Steam software for Windows for which anyone can submit games, via THIS page.

The application is an interface to a repository which is continuously updated, and has lots of games. Basically, it's kind of like a PlayDeb with a GUI (please note that it does not use the PlayDeb repository, in fact it has nothing to do with it, I just gave it as an example). Djl displays information about the games in it's repository, screenshots and it also allows you to install the games with a simple click.

DJL also comes with a built-in chat so you can talk to other DJL users and perhaps invite them play some games.

Installing DJL

You can download DJL from HERE. For me, installing the latest version didn't work, that's why I used version 1.2.17 instead of 1.2.18. If that's also the case for you, download version 1.2.17 from HERE (if you get this error, make sure you don't upgrade to version 1.2.18, or else DJL will stop working, if you can install 1.2.18, lucky you, it didn't work for me :-) ).

Installing DJL is very simple: just download & extract the archive, then open a terminal in the folder where you extracted and run the following command:
sh djl.sh

A dialog box with all the settings will then pop-up:

DJL settings

Set everything to your suit your needs, but don't forget to set press the "Add a shortcut on GNOME / KDE panel" so you can easily access DJL; this will create an icon under Applications > Games (for Gnome) and once you power-up DJL, an icon will reside in the notification area which gives you access to all of DJL's features. Besides the ability to install games, you can also uninstall them, of course.

DJL also has a tab called "News" where you can see the latest games added to it's repository, etc. - another useful feature.

You can see the full list of games available through DJL, HERE.

[via anxurweb]