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Opera 11 Ubuntu

Opera 11 has finally been released! You probably already know what's new in the latest version of this amazing web browser, but let's recap the major new features:

Extension support: this was probably the only feature that Opera was missing for many of us (even though a lot of features for which you must use an extension on other browsers were there by default in Opera). The extensions work just like in Chromium: an icon is displayed next to the search bar (or no icon at all) and you also get an extensions page from where you can disable or uninstall the extensions (to reach this page you either have to right click any extension and select "Manage Extensions" or press Ctrl + Shift + E). You can check out the Opera extensions @ https://addons.opera.com/

Tab Stacking: yet another innovative feature from Opera, designed for those who like to keep a lot of tabs open. Tab Stacking groups multiple tabs into one tab which can then be extended with just one click. To create a stack you must drag and drop a tab onto another tab. Hovering a stack gives you a visual overview on what's inside that stack. And you can of course expand and colapse the stacks with a click. We've covered Tab Stacking (including a video) HERE.

Visual mouse gestures (mouse gestures is another genuine Opera innovation that was first introduced in Opera 5.1 in April 2001) is a face-lift to the original Opera mouse gestures: for a visual guide to mouse gestures, simply long press the right mouse button.

Download Opera 11