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Opera 11 beta - tab stacking

After adding a new address field, visual mouse gestures and an updated mail panel last week, Opera 11 beta has been released today with yet another innovation: tab stacking.

To get an idea on what tab stacking is, I've recorded a video you can watch below:

To create a stack you must drag and drop a tab onto another tab. Hovering a stack gives you a visual overview on what's inside that stack. And you can of course expand and colapse the stacks with a click.

Tab stacking is designed for those who like having a lot of tabs open in their browser and it can be used to stack different tasks, create stacks just for freeing up some space on the tab bar, or just stack some tabs because you need them later and don't want to bookmark them (that's what I always do).

Tab stacking seems to be Opera's reponse to the Panorama (initially called Tab Candy) introduced in Firefox 4.0. It will be interesting to see if Chrome will add an easy way of organizing the tabs too and if they will copy Firefox / Opera or come up with an original idea.

Download Opera 11 beta (includes Ubuntu .deb files as usual)