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Pinguy OS 10.10

Pinguy OS 10.10 final - a popular Ubuntu remaster - has just been released. There are a few changes worth mentioning since Pinguy OS 10.10 beta 2:
  • new wallpapers
  • replaced Vinagre with Remmina
  • added a script to fix Synaptics Multitouch
  • turned the Firewall on by default
  • added Nautilus Easy Union
  • added giver
  • lock keys (Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock) NotifyOSD notifications (pictured in the screenshot below)
  • added Nautilus Columns (extra EXIF and FLAC/mp3 metadata in Nautilus)
  • Granola has been added for better battery life on netbooks and laptops. Should save you around 10 to 15% power consumption.

notifyosd lock keys notifications
(NotifyOSD lock keys notifications)

You can read more about it @ Pinguy OS forum. We've already covered Pinguy OS 10.10 (beta 2) so read that post for a lot more info: Tired Of Tweaking Ubuntu? Try Pinguy OS 10.10 Beta 2! [Ubuntu Remaster].

Download Pinguy OS 10.10