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Orta 0.75

You probably remember Orta, a new gorgeous theme we posted about a while back. Initially, Orta used the Elementary theme panel and Metacity theme but an update today (version 0.75) finally brings an original Metacity, 2 panel styles (dark and light) as well as a configuration tool you can use to tweak various parts of the theme such as the Nautilus style (Elementary or default), 3 scrollbar styles, various fixes, tab styles and more.

To install Orta, firstly make sure you don't have the old version installed:
rm -r ~/.themes/Orta/
sudo rm -r /usr/share/themes/Orta/

Then download Orta from HERE, extract the downloaded zip and then the .tar.gz and in the newly created folder, right click the "OrtaConfigurator.sh" file, select "Properties", then on the permissions tab check the "Allow executing file as program" box. Then double click it and select "Run". On the first tab click the "Install" button (you won't get a notification that the theme has been installed - but it installs just fine) and finally, see all the available tweaks on each tab of the Orta Configurator tool:


The pack also includes a Chrome theme - to install it (you'll find it in the "Chromium" folder), simply drag and drop the .crx file onto the Chrome window.

Download Orta | Download the wallpaper in the first screenshot.

Credits for the first image in the post: SkiesOfAzel