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Inspired by the Elementary theme and Bespin, Orta comes with some slick new elements to give your desktop a more polished look. The most interesting elements are the scrollbar - which even though look a like in Elementary, seem more polished -, the Nautilus Elementary breadcrumbs, buttons and the Gedit tabs.

I started this by editing the well known Elementary theme, but i ended up with a pixmap theme anyway. There is still some Murrine though, as the panel remains unchanged, as do the tooltips.

-SkiesOfAzel, Orta creator

Here's a screenshot taken from my computer:


It's recommended to use Nautilus Elementary and the Faenza Icon theme with Orta!

Please note that the theme is not yet finished: the panel and Metacity are identical to Elementary but these might be updated sometime in the future. Also, there are a few known bugs - read about that at Orta DeviantArt page (link below).

Download Orta GTK theme

Credits for the first image in the post: SkiesOfAzel