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Because we get a lot of comments asking what's the dock / launcher in some of the screenshots on WebUpd8 and just pointing to Avant Window Navigator is not enough, I though I'd create a video on how to customize the Avant Window Navigator Lucido style:

(Watch it in HD)

In the above video I just mess around with the settings so you can see how to customize the AWN Lucido style. As you can see, creating your own theme is very easy. If you want to use a pattern as a background, create your own or simply search Google for "patterns".

And here is what you'll need to get Avant Window Navigator to look like in the video:

  • Avant Window Navigator 0.4.1 trunk (the version in the Ubuntu repositories doesn't have the Lucido style!): installation instructions
  • . Update: AWN now has Lucido style built-in in the version available in the Ubuntu repositories!
  • And maybe you also want to use DockBarX with Avant Window Navigator as the taskbar (my taskbar icons look like Faenza but they aren't, it's the DockBarX theme I'm using that looks like that): install DockBarX for Avant Window Navigator

Thanks to Hadret for the suggestion!