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The best Linux clipboard manager poll ended yesterday. There is no surprise concerning the winner: Parcellite won the poll with 287 votes (44.15%).

Here are the exact poll results:

best linux clipboard manager

Even though Parcellite is the clear winner, I am sure Pastie or Glippy will soon pass it in popularity as Parcellite is no longer maintained. Anamnesis is also already very insteresting too (it wasn't in the poll as it's very new) - and all these 3 clipboard managers get new features very quickly: Pastie already has an Anamnesis-like feature in which you can open a floating clipboard using a clipboard shortcut, Glippy got upload support for text as well as images and so on.

The number of votes was also surprisingly low compared to our other polls which means there aren't many people who use a clipboard manager. But I'm sure that once you've tried one, you'll see how useful it is - you may not need it all of the time, but it just sits in the notification area / appindicator using very low system memory and comes in very handy when you'll need it.

Up next: I'm not sure about our next poll but as usual, you can suggest a poll in the comments (make sure we didn't have it already)!