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Anamnesis is a new clipboard manager for Linux designed to be very easy to use by providing a simple interface with full-text search.

Anamnesis can be used both via command line and with a GUI. It doesn't come with a notification area icon / appindicator and can only be triggered by using a keyboard shortcut - but as I've read in the comments to our "Best Linux Clipboard Manager" post, a lot of you want this feature in a clipboard manager. If so, maybe Anamnesis is what you're looking for!

Install Anamnesis

1. To install Anamnesis, download the archive from Sourceforge and extract it somewhere (like in your home folder). Then open a terminal and paste this:

sudo ln -s /path/to/anamnesis.py /usr/local/bin/anamnesis

where "/path/to/anamnesis.py" is the exact path to the "anamnesis.py file which comes in the archive you've extracted above. If you've extracted Anamnesis in your home folder, that would be: ~/anamnesis-1.0.0/anamnesis.py

2. Now you can start Anamnesis by typing this in a terminal:
anamnesis --start

You won't see anything just yet, as you've only started the Anamnesis command line interface. To have Anamnesis start on session start-up, go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications and add a new startup item and in the command field, enter: "anamnesis --start" (without the quotes).

3. Now we'll have to create a new keyboard shortcut to start the Anamnesis GUI. Go to System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts, click on "Add", then under "Name" enter: "Anamnesis" and under command, enter: "anamnesis --browser" (without the quotes). Click Apply and scroll down and you should see Anamnesis at the bottom - assign it a keyboard shortcut (like Ctrl+Alt+C or anything you like).

Now whenever you want to access Anamnesis, press the keyboard shortcut you've assigned for it in step 3.

If you want to use Anamnesis via command line, see the README inside the downloaded anamnesis archive.

Thanks to fabiowguerra for the tip!