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The development codename of an Ubuntu release takes the form "Adjective Animal". Initially these weren't in alphabetic order - until Dapper DRAKE (6.06) that is.

Let's take a look (in pictures) at all Ubuntu mascots - from the warty Warthog to the latest maverick Meerkat:

Ubuntu Warty WARTHOG (4.10):

ubuntu warthy warthog 4.10

Ubuntu Hoary HEDGEHOG (5.04):

ubuntu hoary hedgehog 5.04

Ubuntu Breezy BADGER (5.10):

ubuntu breezy badger 5.10

Ubuntu Dapper DRAKE (6.06):

ubuntu drapper drake 6.06

Ubuntu Edgy EFT (6.10):

ubuntu edgy eft 6.10

Ubuntu Feisty FAWN (7.04):

ubuntu fetsy fawn 7.04

Ubuntu Gutsy GIBBON (7.10):

ubuntu gutsy gibbon 7.10

Ubuntu Hardy HERON (8.04):

ubuntu hardy heron 8.04

Ubuntu Intrepid IBEX (8.10):

ubuntu intrepid ibex 8.10

Ubuntu Jaunty JACKALOPE (9.04):

ubuntu jaunty jackalope 9.04

Ubuntu Karmic KOALA (9.10):

ubuntu karmic koala 9.10

Ubuntu Lucid LYNX (10.04):

ubuntu lucid lynx 10.04

Ubuntu Maverick MEERKAT (10.10):

ubuntu maverick meerkat 10.10

Up next: NN. Will Ubuntu get it's first marine animal as a mascot (like "Nebulous Nautilus")? We'll see :)

You can read more about the Ubuntu code names @ Ubuntu wiki