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For last week, we asked you which is the best Linux main menu and the results are a bit surprising.

After the first 2-3 days, it seemed Cardapio or MintMenu would be the winner but in the end GnoMenu won the poll with 481 (27.72%) votes. MintMenu came in second with 343 (19.77%) votes while Cardapio surprisingly came in 5th position (200 - 11.53%). That's because on the 3rd place you've voted for Menu Bar (the Ubuntu default menu) and on the 4th: Main Menu (the main GNOME menu). The KDE menus didn't get too many votes but that's probably because we usually write about GNOME apps.

On a side note, that means that the WebUpd8 subscribers or frequent readers prefer Cardapio / MintMenu (and GnoMenu, it had a lot of votes too in the first days, but it was usually 3rd) while occasional WebUpd8 readers like GnoMenu and the default Ubuntu or GNOME menus.

Here are the exact 'best Linux main menu' poll results:

best linux main menu

There were only 32 votes for applications outside the poll, most of them for Gnome Do or other quick launchers (like Kupfer). Dmenu and the Xfce menu got 3 votes and there were also mentions for the Cairo Dock or AWN menus.

Up next: well, I'm not going to tell you, but expect the new poll later today or tomorrow. Until then you can browse our previous polls.