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Another week, another poll. This time you can vote for the best Linux (main) menu. I didn't include all the menus out there in the poll, but there are more options than we usually use for our polls. The contenders are: MintMenu, Lancelot, Main Menu (the main GNOME menu), Slab, Menu bar (the Ubuntu default menu), Kickoff, USP (Ubuntu System Panel), GnoMenu, K-Menu and Cardapio.

As usual, you can vote for something not among the default options by choosing "other" and then entering your answer.

You can vote for the best Linux menu below:

Note: I've added MintMenu even though it's a USP fork and Lancelot which I believe is a Slab fork because they are somewhat different.

Don't forget to tell us why you like a certain Linux menu or suggest some other menus, in the comment form below!