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So you really like the new Face Movie feature in Picasa 3.8 and want it in Linux too? Well, it doesn't work for now, but you can use PhotoFilmStrip.

PhotoFilmStrip is an application which can create a movie (slideshow) out of photos. It uses the "Ken Burns" effect for the pictures transitions and you can also add music and captions to your photos. The movie can be rendered in VCD, SVCD, DVD or FULL-HD.


Note: I've tested version 1.3.97-unstable. Using the stable version, some of the features mentioned below may be missing.

PhotoFilmStrip is very easy to use: simply create a new project, then drag and drop the photos you want to use. Then you need to use the crop tool and crop the image preview on the left to the start frame and the preview image on the right to the last frame - this will be used to render the Ken Burns effect. Optionally: now you can set duration - this is the time each photo will be displayed, the transition (fade or roll) and transition time and additionally the effect (sepia or black and white). When you're done, click the "Render filmstrip" button:


Then select the "Advanced" mode to be able to tweak some settings such as rather or not to display captions ('subtitles') for your photos and when everything is ready, click the "Start" button and wait for your movie to be generated.

Download PhotoFilmStrip (Ubuntu .deb, Windows .exe and source files).

For a similar application, also see Imagination.