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Imagination is a lightweight and simple DVD slide show maker for Linux.

Imagination is incredibly simple to use. Just start it up, then click the top-left button to create a new slide show. A new dialog box pops up, asking you for a name (and location to save) your new slideshow, along with the format and a couple other options. You have the choice to save your slideshow as either a VOB (Video Object), for direct burning to DVD, or as a Flash Video, for uploading to video sharing websites such as YouTube). And you're covered whether you live in Europe or the US, as Imagination supports both PAL and NTSC video formats, as well as 4:3 or widescreen.

Once you've created your slideshow, you'll want to add images to it. Simply click the picture icon in the toolbar and select one, or as many images as you like. Once in your timeline, images can be reordered by drag and drop. There are three options you have per slide - transition type, transition speed and slide duration.

The transition type is how Imagination shows the change between slides, and you have options such as cross fade, push in, wave, and more. Transition speed is controllable by selecting from fast, normal or slow. And slide duration is the amount of time your image will be shown on screen, not including time spent transitioning from the previous slide or transitioning to the next.

The latest beta release of Imagination is 2.0b1 released on 22/08/09 featuring Ken Burns effects allowing infinite number of stop points, text on the slides along with some text animations, ability to cut/copy/paste the slides and other improvements.

Download Imagination

Ubuntu users can install Imagination from the official Ubuntu repositories:
sudo apt-get install imagination

If you use another Linux distro, you must compile the packages from HERE.