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opera 10.60 final ubuntu screenshot

That's right, "FINALLY" as in screaming because it seems it took them forever (Opera 10.5x was not released for Linux at all - only alpha builds) to release Opera 10.60 for Linux.

Opera 10.60 was released today and this time it includes Linux too, besides the Windows and MacOS X builds.

Opera 10.60 comes with a new version of Opera's rendering engine: Presto 2.6.30 and includes HTML5 fixes such as Geolocation and Offline Applications as well as WebM support. Opera 10.60 is the first final version of a browser that comes with WebM support by default (that's what the Opera devs say, but I don't agree since Epiphany had WebM with no modifications to the browser whatsoever).

There are also lots of Javascript and DOM performance improvements and almost 1000 bugs fixed since Opera 10.54.

As for Opera 10.60 for Linux, this is the first Opera release with the new Javascript engine called Carakan which makes Opera the fastest browser today. But the major change in Opera 10.60 for Linux is that it no longer uses Qt and it now integrates with the KDE and GTK libraries. Opera 10.60 also comes with Opera Unite integrated by default.

Important: if you encounter any issues with the menus (such as black font on black background), crashes on close and so on, completely remove any Opera version and profile and then install Opera 10.60 final.

How is Opera 10.60 working for you? Let us know in the comments!

Download Opera 10.60 final for Linux, Windows and MacOS X