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south africa 2010

South Africa 2010 is an application which runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X for staying up to date with everything related to the FIFA World Cup 2010. It can display matches schedule, retrieve the score for all the games via Internet, build and export statistics and many more.

South Africa 2010 features:
  • Complete FIFA World Cup 2010 matches calendar (filterable by stage, group, team)
  • Graphical visualization of groups and 2° stage
  • Online update of the matches results
  • Support for the conversion of the matches dates and time based on your local timezone and your system format: you can insert directly your timezone difference with the South Africa or you can compute it automatically via Internet, simply by selecting your geographical area.
  • “Data copy” function enabled into every section of the application (you can “Paste” data directly into a spreedsheet or word processor).
  • The World Cup statistics are finally ordered by rank (needs an online update!) and are exportable in both text and HTML format.
  • Proxy support (basic authentication method)

South Africa 2010 is available in English and Italian and you can download it from HERE.

To run it in Linux, simply extract the .zip file, right click on the "South Africa 2010 1.1" file, select "Properties", then on the "Permissions" tab, check the "Allow executing file as program" box, then simply double click South Africa 2010 1.1.

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