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world cup 2010 google calendar fixtures

We're going to be a bit off-topic, but for a good reason: the 2010 Football World Cup is coming and I saw a post on the Ubuntu Planet about a World Cup 2010 Google calendar and had to share it with you.

To make sure you don't miss any game, you can download the calendar as an XML, iCal or simply click HERE and then at the bottom of the page you should see a "Google calendar" icon - click it and it'll import the World Cup 2010 fixtures into your Google Calendar account.

Oh, and a final note: the calendar is in English but supports any timezone so in the last URL above you can edit the "Europe/Bucharest" parameter to fit to your timezone.

Update: another World Cup related article -> How To Watch The World Cup 2010 Live (Online) In Linux [Free]

Thanks to Brett Alton!