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This week it's time to find out what application the WebUpd8 readers consider to be the best Linux photo manager / organizer - so please vote for the application which you find to be the best.

The contenders are: F-Spot, gThumb, ShotWell, Google Picasa (which is not native but a lot of people use it so we decided to include it in the poll) and digiKam:

Please only vote for photo manager / organizers, not image viewers, etc.

As always, you can of course vote for a different application by selecting "Other answer" and then entering your vote. Also, please let us know why you like a certain application as well as suggesting a different app - using the comment form below.

It will be really interesting to see if F-Spot, the default photo manager in Ubuntu really is what people use and the application people want the most to replace it with.

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