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As suggested by viniciuscortez (thanks for the suggestion!), I decided to make a post on DockBarX themes. I won't use "Windows 7" in the title, but indeed, some of the themes look like the Windows 7 taskbar (superbar).

DockbarX is a taskbar with grouping and group manipulation for Linux. For installing DockBarX in Ubuntu, refer to THIS post (skip to the "Installing DockBarX" part).

Now let's take a look at the DockBarX themes I was telling you about:

1. Shinybar (comes with both horizontal and vertical panel style):

DockBarX shinybar theme windows 7

2. Human Bar:

Human Bar dockbarx theme

3. Glassified:

Glassified dockbarx

4. Tonkybar:

Tonkybar dockbarx theme

5. White theme for DockbarX - yes, it looks a lot like "Glassified" DockBarX theme, but it's not the same:

white theme for DockbarX

6. Silver Tonky:

Silver Tonky dockbarx theme

7. Gaia 09 DockbarX Theme:

Gaia 09 DockbarX Theme

Update -> 2 more themes:

8. Human Dark Bar:

Human Dark dockbarx theme

9. DockbarX MacOSX X:

DockbarX MacOSX X

How to install DockBarX Themes

To install a DockbarX theme, simply copy the downloaded .tar.gz archive to the /usr/share/dockbarx/themes folder. If the theme you downloaded is packed into a .zip or other archive type, extract it first - it should contain a .tar.gz archive which you can place into the above folder.

To install Shinybar (the first theme in this post), extract the "Shinybar1_2_for_Dockbar_by_Levviathor.gz" archive, then also extract the "Shinybar1_2_for_Dockbar_by_Levviathor" archive and you will see two archives called "shinybar_12_horiz.tar.gz" and "shinybar_12_vert.tar.gz" which you need to place in the /usr/share/dockbarx/themes folder.

Then, right click DockBarX on your panel, select "Properties", on the "Appearance" tab select the theme you want to use:

DockBarX preferences

Note: placing the themes into the /usr/share/dockbarx/themes folder will make the themes available for all the users. To make them available only for you, place the themes into the ~/.dockbarx/themes folder. If the "themes" folder does not exist, create it.