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Since a lot of bloggers read WebUpd8, we like to occasionally post about web related stuff. Here is a trick which should help a lot of people owning a Facebook fan page (might also work on Wordpress.com, Myspace and so on).

Today I came across a post on webdigi.co.uk which explains how to install Google Analytics tracking code on a Facebook Fan Page (for free).

Using the form provided by webdigi.co.uk, all you have to do is insert an invisible image into your a FBML Facebook page to be able to use Google Analytics.

How to insert Google Analytics tracking code into a Facebook Fan Page

If you don't have a Facebook Fan Page, read HERE.

1. Create a Google Analytics account. Once you create it, enter your Facebook fan page as the URL for which you want to install the tracking for. Write down the Google Analytics code for this domain, which looks something like this: "UA-15774069-1" (that's mine, use yours instead).

2. Go to THIS page, end enter the code I was telling you about above and also complete the rest of the fields. Then click the "Generate code" button:


You can generate this code for multiple pages or just one page. I've only generated it for one page.

3. Now you must create a static HTML page on Facebook (called static FBML). If you don't know how to create one, see THIS.

After creating the FBML page, paste the code generated in step 2) to the bottom of the page. Now this page will be tracked by Google Analytics.

Important: To also track the Wall page of your Facebook Fan Page: go to the "Boxes" tab (on your Facebook Fan Page) and move the box for the FBML page you've created in step 3 to the Wall.

That's it!

Note: Google Analytics will say the tracking code has not been installed successfully - that's because you use an image generated by a PHP code instead of the actual Google Anaytics code. Never mind this, check your Google Analytics account after 24 hours and you will notice it is actually working.