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I already told you how to create a Facebook Fan page and today, I'll show you how to add a HTML page to this fan page.

1. Login to Facebook and go to the Static FBML application page.
2. Click on the "Add to my Page" button. This will bring up a pop up where you can add the application to every fan page you own. Simply click the "Add to Page" button to add the application to your fan page.
3. Go back to your fan page and click on the "Edit Page" link.
4. You should now see a new box in your "Edit Page" called FBML 1. Click on the pencil icon to make a drop down menu appear. Click on the edit link:

facebook static html page

5. You can now edit your static html page. Edit the name of your new page in the "Box Title" field and you enter HTML code in the "FBML" field (i.e. copy your newsletter HTML code to this area, top posts or whatever you like):


6. Now go back to your blog's Facebook fan page. Click on the + symbol to add a new tab. You should now see your new page in the navigation menu. Simply select the tab to move it where you want (i.e. you can place it as the 2nd tab after the wall if you want).


You can this in action on Web Upd8 fan page (we added Top Posts and Newsletter HTML pages).