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This is an update on the New Ubuntu Theme(s), Boot Splash, Logo Revealed (And More!) post which I'm sure will make many people happy.

Dustin Kirkland, a Core Developer of the Ubuntu Server for Canonical posted some screenshots with Byobu and the new Ubuntu Light and Dark themes.

So what's so interesting about those screenshots? Well, the window buttons are in the top right corner:

new ubuntu theme top right window buttons

new ubuntu dark theme

As you can see, the window controls are placed on the top right corner by default.

I'm not sure what was the reason to place the window buttons on the left in the initial screenshots, but it seems that was something custom for those screenshots only. This is definitely good news for most people who saw the initial screenshots (since 90% of the comments were arguing about the window buttons placement).

And a final note: I must say it's a bit of lack in professionalism (it's not the person taking the screenshots who's unprofessional but releasing those screenshots on the wiki is) to publish such custom screenshots (I'm talking about the initial screenshots, not the ones in this post) with a lot of non-default elements (besides the window buttons, there is also no bottom panel - that is also something customized for those screenshots only). Unless they had a reason for it.

The buttons on the left on the initial screenshots make you wonder what was the reason for that if they will put them on the right by default (other than being just a customization of the desktop where the screenshots were taken on) and the only thing that comes to mind is "testing". So they could have published those screenshots with a small "error" just to see the reactions, and later implement it by default - or not.

And another update (thanks to jkltechinc for spotting this): if we look in the top left corner of the new image of the Ubuntu website mockup (original screenshot HERE):

ubuntu website screenshot

You will notice 4 items, while Ubuntu only has "Applications, Places and System". Those could be the Global Menu, with "File, Edit, View and Window". If the "Places" menu could be mistaken for "Edit", there is no doubt the first one is not "Applications" as the word in the screenshot is just too short. But that would be just too much Apple and I doubt that Ubuntu would adopt something like that by default. Hopefully that's just another custom screenshot from someone's computer who uses Global Menu.

Update: Ubuntu 10.04 Light (Radiance) And Dark (Ambiance) Themes Are Now Available For All