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radiance light ubuntu theme

ambiance light dark ubuntu 10.04 theme

The new Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lunx: Light and Dark themes are now available for all. The themes are called Ambiance (dark) and Radiance (light).

If you didn't get the update yet, download the themes package from HERE and the icons from HERE (yes, the package is called ubuntu-mono for some odd reason).

If you're using Ubuntu Lucid all you have to do is download the themes from the above two links or run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".

If you are running an older Ubuntu version such as Karmic, see HERE how to install the latest Murrine and then install the themes from the first 2 links in the beginning of the post. For Ubuntu Jaunty, you will also need the humanity icons package which you can get from here.

Update: it seems that for now the themes work in Karmic but don't work in Lucid (how very odd) - for now that is. When trying to use any of the new Radiance or Ambiance themes in Lucid, this is displayed:

This theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme 'Light' is not installed

To get the themes working in Ubuntu Lucid, customize your current theme in Appearance and choose Ambiance (or Radiance) for window controls and window border and Ubuntu-Mono-Light (or Ubuntu-Mono-Dark) for the icons. Thanks to Vadim Darth Alimguzhin for the tip!

A recent update solved both the issues in Lucid and the Metacity border around the buttons issue! Please re-download the packages in the beginning of the post! However, it seems the Metacity bug (a border around the minimize button) is still present in Karmic.

If the update didn't fix the Metacity and you are still seeing these ugly window buttons:

broken lucid metacity

To fix it, press Alt + F2, enter: "gconf-editor", then navigate to apps > metacity > general, look for the "button_layout" key and change it to ":maximize,minimize,close" like in the screenshot below (thanks to Vadim Darth Alimguzhin for the tip!):

fix light themes metacity gconf lucid

As you can see, that fixed the metacity buttons:

fixed light theme metacity ubuntu

Please note: these themes have just been released, so expect to find bugs. In fact, quite a few bugs have been already submitted. Also, some theme elements might change until Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid will be released.

Update 1: I just ran the latest daily build of Ubuntu 10.04 and it seems Ambiance (the dark theme) is the default theme, not Radiance as some might have expected.

As a reference in case these packages are updated and you don't use Ubuntu Lucid, here are the Launchpad package links: "light-themes" package | "ubuntu-mono" package.

Update 2: there is now an Ubuntu Jaunty and Karmic PPA for the new Light Radiance and Ambiance themes.