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ubuntu 10.04 lucid slideshow

The Ubuntu Ubiquity Slideshow is a project which uses Webkit that provides a slideshow when you install Ubuntu.

The new Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Ubiquity Slideshow which we were telling you about ~2 weeks ago is now live and you should be able to take a look for yourself by downloading an Ubuntu 10.04 daily build starting tomorrow (or by updating the installer but that didn't work for me - the package is probably not in the repositories yet).

Besides the improved look, there are some other changes too: the Ubuntu slideshow is now 816x500 pixels in size (it used to be 700x420), the slideshow now uses the official Firefox icon rather than a generic browser icon, as well as some other minor improvements.

Here are a few more screenshots:

ubuntu 10.04 ubiquity slideshow

ubuntu lucid ubiquity slideshow

The online preview which was set up by Dylan McCall previously is not available anymore, however I've uploaded the new Ubuntu 10.04 Ubiquity Slideshow and you can try it out HERE. Note: the Firefox icon is not visible because it uses the icon on the computer the slideshow runs and it doesn't have permissions to run it from the website. But it should work just fine in the actual Ubiquity Slideshow.

There is no new slideshow for Kubuntu and Xubuntu and so on for now, even though initially those were also supposed to get a new look. However, some bugs in the old slideshows for Kubuntu and Xubuntu have been fixed.

Complete changelog:

[ Dylan McCall ]
* New look for the Ubuntu slideshow.
* Updated license details for images in debian/copyright.
* Larger dimensions for Ubuntu slideshow: 816x500, from 700x420.
* Removed GIMP build dependency. GIMP scripts in images-source no
longer to be run at build time; final icons should be added
manually in source package.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Use the official Firefox icon, rather than a generic browser icon.
* Freeze exception for new design (LP: #538411).
* Update the update-launchpad-translations script.
* Update translations from Launchpad.

[ Richard A. Johnson ]
* Updated slideshow for Kubuntu installer
(LP: #540348) (LP: #534949) (LP: #539147)

[ Brian Murray ]
* resolved some grammatical issues with the xubuntu slides

Please note that most probably this isn't the final design.