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shotwell 0.5

Shotwell is (well almost) a relatively new open source photo organizer for the Gnome desktop which we were telling you about some time ago. Since then, Shotwell progressed a lot and the latest version 0.5 (not yet released) brings a lot of cool new features:
  • Picasa Web publishing (just like gThumb did a few weeks ago)
  • Tags as another way of organizing your collection
  • Printing
  • Adjust photos dates and times, both to a single moment and shifting several forward and backward in time
  • more!

shotwell 0.5 picasaweb publishing

Because I really enjoy these new features, I decided to pack Shotwell 0.5 from SVN (like I told you, version 0.5 is not out yet) in the WebUpd8 PPA. Shotwell 0.5 should be released officially very soon so this SVN version is pretty stable from what I've tested. Still, you have to remember this is a development version so there will be bugs!

Besides the cool new features in version 0.5, Shotwell already had other nice options like: publish photos to Facebook and Flickr, import photos from any digital camera supported by gPhoto, automatically organize events containing photos taken at the same time, reduce red-eye and adjust the exposure, saturation, tint, and temperature of your photos and many more which you can check out @ Shotwell homepage.

To install this SVN build, you can either download the .deb files from HERE (available for Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid: 32bit and 64bit) or add the WebUpd8 PPA (Karmic or Lucid):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

And then install Shotwell 0.5 (it's called 0.4.99 in the PPA so that it will be superseded by 0.5):
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install shotwell

Update: Shotwell 0.5 has been released. See THIS post for installation instructions.

If you're not using Ubuntu and want to compile Shotwell 0.5 from SVN, see THIS page.