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Here are the results from our latest poll in the weekly 'hive five' posts - Best Linux Video Editor:

best linux video editor

I for one was expecting OpenShot to win, given the huge publicity it got recently but I didn't see Avidemux on the second place. Avidemux is my favourite because I only do basic video editing with no effects and so on but it seems that's what many people need in a video editor (22% of WebUpd8 readers to be more specific - compared with 35% for OpenShot). But the biggest surprise in my opinion is KDEnlive (17% of the votes), not because I don't find it a great application but because most WebUpd8 readers use Gnome (and we've seen KDE apps usually getting always under 5% until now).

The new video editor included in Ubuntu 10.04, PiTiVi, only got 14% of the votes so it seems the Ubuntu devs would have pleased a lot more people by chosing OpenShot or Avidemux. But I guess people are used to using non-default applications, after all... all the 'hive five' posts until now have been won by non-default apps.

The "other result" votes were quite frequent this week, with Cinerella getting 23 such votes, Belender 4 and Kino 4.

There weren't many votes this week, as not everyone does video editing but 711 votes still mean something. We'll return with a more popular 'hive five' post sometime tomorrow.

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