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Before taking a look at the results, I want to thank you all (1,318) for voting once again!

And here are the results for this week's poll Best Linux Movie Player:

best linux movie player
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The results are not 100% accurate, as VLC got some help from their Facebook fan page (and Twitter too) but even though VLC was crowned once more as the best movie player (or the most used) with 64% of the votes, it's nice to see that 319 (24%) of you like MPlayer / SMPlayer / KMplayer, after all, competition is good and it brings progress.

The good old Totem got quite a few votes (128 - 10%) and even though it's not everybody's favourite, I'm sure a lot more people are using it for some quick tasks.

This time we didn't have to many "Other answer" votes, Dragon Player being the only valid vote (the other 4 were mediacenter apps, etc.). Hopefully we'll have a much more disputed poll this week. Stay tuned and don't forget to vote on our next 'hive five' post (which should be out in the next couple of days)!