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For this week 'hive five' post, we would like to ask all WebUpd8 readers to vote for the best Linux movie player.

This does not include music players and any media center application because it would be impossible to only pick 5 for the poll therefore the title is "the best Linux movie player" (and not "media player") so it doesn't create any confusion. It is already pretty difficult to include just 5 as it is and for this reason we've included some similar applications under one option (for example MPlayer, KMPlayer and SMPlayer, etc.).

This time I won't make an introduction for each contender as there's not much to say. They are all designed to play movies and that's why we need you to vote so we'll know which media player Linux users find best.

There are many posts out there with the "Best Linux media player" title, but all the applications are picked by the post author. I say: let's let the users decide. So what application do you find the best for playing movies?

As usual, don't be afraid to vote for an application which is not listed in our poll. Simply enter it's name under "Other answer...".

Also, we would love to hear about the reason you've voted for a certain application, so please let us know in the comments!