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nautilus zeitgeist filesystem

The Nautilus with Gnome Activity Journal integration was an idea introduced by Ian Cylkowski but it seems we'll not have Nautilus with Gnome Activity Journal, but with Zeitgesit (ZeitgeistFS to be more exact), like you can see in the video below (and the above screenshot):

To use it you can either patch Nautilus or just have a new bookmark in Nautilus. If you are not very confortable with compiling software from source, I suggest you skip to the "For both with and without the Nautilus patch (start from here to install it without the Nautilus patch!)" part.

Zeitgeist with patched Nautilus:

sudo apt-get build-dep nautilus
sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get source nautilus

Don't compile it yet! Now we must get the patch:
bzr branch lp:~gnome-zeitgeist/gnome-activity-journal/nautilus-journal
cp nautilus-journal/98_nautilus-zeitgeist.patch nautilus-2.28.1/src/
cd nautilus-2.28.1/src/
patch < 98_nautilus-zeitgeist.patch

Now compile Nautilus
cd nautilus-2.28.1/
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

For both with and without the Nautilus patch (start from here to install it without the Nautilus patch!):

Install the python required packages (thanks to rAX!):
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-pastescript python-distutils-extra

Now we must get the "commonly-used" ZeitgeistFilesystem branch:
bzr branch lp:~email-tehk/zeitgeist-filesystem/commonly-used

And now we'll configure the "commonly-used" branch:
mkdir /tmp/zgfs
cd commonly-used/
python bootstrap.py
bzr branch lp:zeitgeist
cd commonly-used/src
ln -s ../../zeitgeist .
cd ..
cd ../zeitgeist
./zeitgeist-daemon.py --quit #quitting any zeitgeist running instance
./zeitgeist-daemon.py &
cd commonly-used/
bin/zeitgeistfs /tmp/zgfs &

And finally, restart Nautilus and view the magic:
nautilus -q

One thing I couldn't figure out was how to install the extension which adds emblems to annotated files. See the README file in the "commonly-used" folder for instructions if you want to try it yourself.

[video from GAJ blog]