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Ian Cylkowski posted some AMAZING Nautilus mockups on his blog:

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His mockups are based on Nautilus Elementary mockup by DanRabbit.

The mockups look great but a default "elementary Nautilus" would confuse many people, with so many buttons missing and all. What I really like and find to be a great idea is the Zeitgeist and Gnome Activity Journal integration:

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Unfortunately Ian is not a programmer so he cannot make his mockups become reality. However, Seif Lotfy (a Gnome Activity Journal developer) says:

So if someone can link me with a tutorial how to extend the nautlius sidebar I will add the “commonly accessed” functionality within an hour or 2!


So at least part of this mockup, if not all, can become a reality. I can't wait to see how this will turn out!

What do you think of these mockups?

Image credits: Ian Cylkowski.