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nautilus trash folder

I find Nautilus to be a pretty good file manager, however it's far from being complete - missing some very basic features such as "undo/redo" which also includes "undelete", mp3 and FLAC tags in list view and many others. One such missing feature is the option to see when exactly a file in the Trash has been deleted and its original location.

Until Nautilus actually implements this trashed files deleted date and original location, there is a very small plugin you can use to see this info. You can install it by copying the following commands in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install python-nautilus
wget http://github.com/mvz/nautilus-trash-date-deleted/raw/master/date-deleted-column.py
mkdir ~/.nautilus/python-extensions
mv date-deleted-column.py ~/.nautilus/python-extensions/
nautilus -q

Note: due to the limits of the Nautilus plugin system, the date is shown and sorted as a simple string, rather than as a date.

Then in Nautilus go to View > Visible Columns and check the following two columns: "Deleted date" and "Original location". Then simply go to your trash and select the "list view" (View > List or press Ctrl + 2) - you should now see the date your files have been deleted and their original location (presuming you have some files in your Trash).