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If your music files aren't named properly or simply want to see the MP3 and FLAC metadata information (ID3 tags) in Nautilus List View, you can't by default.

But I found a python script (which also comes as a .deb file) on the Ubuntu Forums called "Nautilus Columns" which adds new columns to Nautilus, so you can view such metadata information. Besides MP3 and FLAC, the script was also updated to support JPEG EXIF shooting data.

Here is what Nautilus Columns python script can do:
nautilus beforenautilus music metadata

How to use Nautilus Columns

Download the .deb file from HERE (or, if you are not using Ubuntu, download the python script). Additionally, if you don't have an ubuntuforums.org account, you can download both the script and .deb file from HERE.

I will only cover using the .deb file, for info regarding the python script, see the post on the ubuntuforums.org.

After installing Nautilus Columns, Nautilus should restart. On my test, Nautilus was "killed" but it didn't start back, so if that is also the case for you, manually start it: press Alt + F2 and type: nautilus

To add the ID3 information columns (and/or the JPEG EXIF shooting data), in Nautilus, go to Edit > Preferences, on the 4th tab called "List Columns" - check the information you would like to see in Nautilus.

Then try it by navigating to a folder with mp3/flac files - don't forget to set the Nautilus view to "List view" (on the right top corner on Nautilus).

And a final note: there are quite a few variations of the script posted in it's thread at Ubuntuforums, so check that too if you want some further customization or have some issues with it.