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metamorphose mass renamer linux

Metamorphose is a free, open source program to mass rename files and folders for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

The application has many great features such as using photo EXIF data or mp3 ID3 tags for renaming, undo renaming operation in case of mistakes, preview every item to be renamed before applying changes and of course basic features like adding a prefix, suffix, etc to files, mass replace, insert or modify, length modification and so on. Basically most of the option can also be found in pyRename, but I find Metamorphose easier to use (and Metamorphose working on Windows and Mac OS X is another difference).

A full list of features can be found @ Metamorphose homepage.

Metamorphose mass rename download and installation

Ubuntu users will be glad to know that Metamorphose comes with an Ubuntu PPA. Because I have way to many PPAs I simply downloaded the .deb file but if you want to add the PPA, you can find it here: Karmic | Jaunty.

Metamorphose comes with two versions: stable (metamorphose1) and beta (metamorphose2) so install the one you feel most comfortable with. I got an error when installing the beta (.desktop file error) but it worked anyway and Metamorphose is still accessible under Applications > Accessories.

For your convenience, here are direct .deb download links:

Ubuntu Jaunty: stable | beta

Ubuntu Karmic: stable | beta

For other Linux distributions, Mac OS X and Windows, see the Metamorphose download page.