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pyRenamer is a Gnome application which allows you to rename large numbers of files according to some patterns you choose. The renaming takes place really fast, and before the actual renaming, a "preview" step takes place where you can see if the operation is correct.

For users not very familiar with the command line, pyRenamer can be a real savior when it comes to mass file rename.

pyRenamer features:

  • patterns to rename files.
  • search & replace to rename files.
  • common substitutions.
  • manually rename selected files.
  • rename images using their metadata.
  • rename music using its metadata.

Here is pyRenamer in action (a video I've just recorded) - an easy music file mass renaming operation, based on the mp3 id3tags (metadata):


Most Linux distributions should have pyRenamer in their repositories. Ubuntu users can run this command to install pyRenamer:
sudo apt-get install pyrenamer

Additionally, there are .deb and source packages available at pyRenamer download page.

[via genbeta]